Azure 2FA: Transfering Guest MFA to a new Phone

If you change your phone, you’ll have to transfer the Microsoft Authenticator 2FA/MFA to the new phone. It is possible to do that on the Mysignins site from Microsoft.


If you use Remove (Löschen) you can remove the actual Microsoft Authenticator connection and set up the new phone. But what to do, if you want to reset a guest account in an other tenant?
You have to change to that tenant, switching to this organisation tenant – you cannot do that in the security information menu tab – you have to switch to the Organisation tab and change that there.

choose guest user organisation

After switching the organisation go back to the Security information menu – now you can change the security information for this organisation. Removing the authentication let’s you re-register the Microsoft Authenticator App.


How to Remove Clipboard Formating with PowerShell

Often there is a need to eliminate formatting in the clipboard. This can be done with Microsoft Office – but of course also with PowerShell – and very easily. I found this on Twitter, and its like that:

#Correct Version 
Get-Clipboard | Set-Clipboard

# Short
gcb | scb

And sometimes you might not have a PowerShell Window open. So hit < Windows-r > and run one line of this:

#PowerShell 7
pwsh -nop -c "&{gcb|scb}"

#Windows PowerShell
powershell -noprofile -command "& {gcb|scb}"

So this is the easy PowerShell way to remove format information in the clipboard. Since I need it really often I just said New Link – with the command in the properties – and put the link into the task bar- so I only need to click it – and the formating is gone. Simply great!

Students cannot access Azure Lab Services VM

We had an temporary issue on Azure Lab Services. So our students are getting “the bear” insted of their Vm. If you try it some minutes later, it could be, that you see your vm, or again the bear.

It was possible to connect to the virtual machines the whole time, when the machine was started and you know the name and port of your machine.

We did not find anything in the logs about this behavior.

Azure Status

Sometimes you simply want to know the status of the Azure Service you are using. There are several ways to find out, what is going on.

At first, of course, the official sites:

So sometimes, it seems, that everything is fine, but is it really ok? So you can ask the community:

And finaly, there is someone, who collects all the issues and presents it on a website:

As you see, there are some possibilities to find out, what’s going on on Azure – and if you are the only one experiencing an error. And remember, if you find an Azure outage, let the community know and click the appropriate link above!

Azure Lab Services – publish a lab does not work

These days I have the issue, that Azure Lab Services does not work as expected.

I’ve opened a Question at Stackoverflow, but now I think it is better to document it in my blog.

The publication takes between 5 and 6 hours and has no result – the lab is not published afterwards. (normally the publishing lasts less then 1 hour – and it is published afterwards) If you look into the log, you only see the entry that the publication has started. The only message you see is in german “Veröffentlichung aufgehoben” – in english there is text “Unpublished”

At first we thought the behavior might depend on the user, but now we think it is the order of creating the lab. It simply do not work creating the lab with the idle settings set. It seems like it works best with:

  1. Create the lab
  2. Publish the lab
  3. Try to set the settings

The first two steps will complete in the given timeframe, but the last one lasts very long and gives an error:

An error occurred while updating shutdown policy settings. Please refresh the page and try again.

This ist the unsatisfiying status – will be updated.

3:26 pm : We are using an Image, which will join with our domain – so next I try one with the join disabled.

Start learning Azure SQL

There is a new learning scenario for Azure SQL – starting today. I got that hint from Anna Hoffmann – and I think they produced really great stuff. Especially have a look at the Channel 9 Bootcamp – with the option to get questions answerd by Microsoft directly.

After completing the video series, learning path, or workshop, you will have a foundational knowledge of what to use when, as well as how to configure, secure, monitor, and troubleshoot Azure SQL. 

They provide a learn Azure SQL landing page and some more resources to mention

  1. Microsoft Learn: Azure SQL Fundamentals – 6 course learning path
  2. Youtube: 61 Youtube videos
  3. Github: 1-2 day workshop Azure SQL including hands-on labs
  4. Channel 9 Live Bootcamp from 17th August to 20th August 4PM – 6PM GMT.
  5. Official announcing tweet
Anna Hoffmann and Bob Ward

PowerShell 7 launch Austria

We’ve had a great PowerShell 7 launch in Austria. See PS7 launch Event Nachlese for more details or see the event video.

Ready for the launch
Steve Lee answering questions

The PowerShell Team also made 10 really good videos for the event. So I really want to mention them:

I hope to see you on future events @

PS7 launch Event – #PSUGMUNICH

We, the PowerShell Usergroup Munich, had our first online only Meeting. And it was great! Thank you Sydeny!

I tried to save the hints we got during the session in this Blog Post – it was written while the meeting happend – so there is not too much text.

First: Vote for more than 4 concurrent video streams (Link)

Q&A with Sydney Smith

PowerShell 7 Module Compatibility

Online PowerShell 7 Infos

PowerShell to EXE

Download Ignite

Download all Ignite Sessions with PS7:

Secret Management

Two articles about Secret Management with PS7.1 and above

Jupyter Notebooks

Error View


Azuer Learning

The Barman Microsoft Teams background