How to change the Header of a Service Manager Portal website

To change the Header of the Website (SMPortal) change to the language you want to change. Then go to Site Actions->Site Settings so you get

Click on Title, description and icon and change the Title:



How to customize the SCSM Portal sites language

There are already a lot blog posts, but there was none carrying all parts together. So here the overview for all necessary changes.

  1. First follow the instruction of Travis (Link). This changes the detail pane on the right side of the portal.
  2. If  you want to customize your language settings – or have an unsupported language, Anders Asp (Link) will help.
  3. In the next step you can customize the menu on the portals left side – found at Stefan Johner (Link).
  4. How to change the Header of the Website (Link)
  5. How to localize the date.
    1. Go to Site Actions, Site Settings, Regional Setting and change the local for the site.