Usergroup Meeting “ExpertsLive Café Wien”

Last Wednesday we met to a Microsoft Ignite review. We saw two good sessions with infrastructure focus.

Microsoft tells us, that Microsoft Teams is the fastest growing business app in Microsoft age.

And Microsoft has some devices for Teams:

We heard something about the Hybrid AD Join.

Running out of space made visible.


Here an other list to the seven most important announcements of Ignite 2018.

See you soon @ExpertsLiveAT!


Experts Live Café Wien–AWS and PowerShell Classes

Today we had two experts from Amazon Web Services (AWS) at our

Today we had our Experts Live Café in Vienna at HP Enterprise – and it was exciting as so often.

First Daniel Gruber introduced us to PowerShell classes, showed us the possibilities and limitations. Afterwards our guests from Seattle, Steve Roberts and Kenneth Hansen showed us the latest developments – some of them not even public – in the Amazon Cloud (AWS – Amazon Web Services).


At the end we raffled a free ticket for the ExpertsLive conference among the participants, which Daniel Gruber won.

After the presentations we had intensive discussions. The two Americans also took notes about our feedback on AWS and its development – I think that one or the other will come to AWS or into the AWS PowerShell implementation.

All in all another successful evening. Our events are now on summer holidays – until the next event in October.

ExpertsLive Café in Linz sponsored by BASE IT

Yesterday we were guests at BASE IT in Ansfelden. We had 3 interesting presentations on the subject of automation. It is exciting to hear that System Center Service Manager is apparently becoming more and more popular and that there are now more and more people in Upper Austria who use it and are familiar with it.

Yesterday we had an automation focus, with these topics:
◾Phönix out of the ashes – Service Management and Automation with System Center (Michael Seidl, MVP)
◾Windows Admin Center RTM – formerly Project Honolulu (Markus Grudl)
◾Acitve Directory Domain Services Section (Patrick Grünauer, MVP)

This time we were a smaller – but very fine round – as our picture proves. There were many conversations – technical as well as private. Of the 8 participants 3 were MVP – a good cut, I think.

2018-06-13 ExpertsLiveCafé

The event was a really exciting.

On Monday, June 18, the next ExpertsLive event – this time in Vienna with Kenneth Hansen and Steve Roberts – they are working at Amazon/Seattle.

Experts Live Café Austria/Linz Review

Our event is over and it was great! An exciting Experts Live Café in Linz with nearly 20 participants, including 6 MVPs.

This time we had a Docker session with Michael Pambalk-Rieger’s on our agenda. He added some new parts to his session on the Experts Live Conference. And he had so much to tell, that he run out of time.

Next, Roman Stadlmair explained service maps to us and gave us a few practical examples.

Helmut Otto rounded off our program with Azure IoT today – he showed us Azure IoT and gave us some anecdotes.

Afterwards, we were able to enjoy the catering of Secureguard with a cosy networking.

We are already looking forward to our next events.


Experts Live Café Austria/Linz Review

On October 5th we had our Experts Live Café in Linz/Leonding at Cubido.

Good atmosphere and technically experienced participants brought us an exciting evening with 3 interesting lectures and many, many discussions.

This time the main topic was “Security”. Christian Olescher started with “Is PowerShell dangerous?” – a lecture dedicated to security under the current PowerShell version 5.1. Some content was based on the blog post by David des Neves – PowerShell Security at Enterprise Customers.

Next, Karl Lehner gave us an impressive presentation on “Bitlocker” – not only technology, but also hints on how to organize the Bitlocker in companies.

In the third lecture, Stefan Denninger dealt with governance in Azure – also very considerably, what possibilities there are and what should be planned when using it.

All in all, we had a really exciting evening on the topic of “Security”.

Here are some photos.


PowerShell 10 Year

PowerShell got 10 years and our usergroup made an contribution to the 10 years anniversary. We had a lots of fun and we finnaly made a really nice video for the Channel 9 stream.

I want to thank all for making the video possible. Thanks to Daniel, who cut the statement video. He also made some Mountain videos – mainly from Upper Austria. These are really nice – so have a look at them.

What will you see in our contribution? Our usergroup members made some statements how PowerShell changed their lives and Roman & friends did an IoT video of his garden sprinklers – with some real nice action in it. Now have a look at the videos on Channel9:

Austrian contribution – Dwarfs and Moods and member statements

10 Year anniversary of PowerShell

Review of our Usergroup Meeting in Linz / Austria

We had our Linzer spring System Center and Powershell Usergroup on 28th of April. We managed to get three top speakers for the event. Our next Usergroup event will be at Microsoft Vienna on 30th of June. Register now!

So when you get interested in the user group, the information we share – find us on Xing or follow us on twitter for the newest information. (@scug_at).

As always we have had a nice location. The photos are this time from Stefan Koell.

Session 1: The role of IT operation in times of SaaS and PaaS

Rainer presented us in a really great and enthusiastic way how they see operations in their company timecockpit. He mentioned that they need very little ops and they need ops to know the service level agreements in the cloud.

He also teased, that Powershell is not necessary anymore, because in a SaaS world it should be only necessary to use the Service.

More about his thoughts is here in the Interview and he also recorded the session.

Session 2: SCOOSP – System Center Orchestrator Service Portal

In the second session Michael Seidl (aka Techguy) presented us SCOOSP – an easy to manage Portal for the System Center Orchestrator. With this portal you can do lots of things with less technical effort than using the System Center Service Manager and its portal. So when you are interested – have a look at it.

Session 3: Attack & Defend mit Powershell

In our last session Alexander Graf from Antares showed us their intrusion detection solution. They assumed an usb stick with maleware on it, which communicates with a command server. So their solution found the suspicious behavior.

So we have had three interesting Sessions from interesting speakers with some networking at the end with a really tasty “Mostviertler Bauernjause” including fantastic juices. Thank you Antares!